Thursday, September 11, 2014

Furlough and Support Team Development- A Brief Overview

We are currently in the U.S. and have just begun doing support team development for our new role. Many people are asking if we have to move and the answer is no, we will still be living in Chiang Mai, Thailand in the same rental house. Yay, we don't like moving so staying in the same place is a huge deal!

If you want more information about our role and organization you will need to ask me in a personal message as I'm still a little fuzzy about what I can share online.

Traveling nonstop for almost three weeks now has been exhausting and Hailey and I are both suffering from a never-ending cold probably because we are not getting the appropriate amount of rest to fight an illness off. Overall though our kids are being troopers. In case you missed it, they did amazing on the flight from Thailand and have tolerated lots of time in the car reasonably well for a one year old and three year old. (We drove from Chicago to Orlando with overnight stops in Peoria, St. Louis, Nashville, Destin, and finally was a LONG trip!)

I know some people are wondering what our support situation is like. Honestly, we are just getting started with our fund development. Since we had to make a trip down to Orlando, we haven't had much time to meet with many partners yet. Next week, we will be road tripping back to Illinois and getting support raising fully underway. I will be posting our support stats on the sidebar of this blog if you want to keep up to date.

Right now, we have confirmed 12% of our monthly support pledges/needs and 15% of our one-time needs.

If everyone who supported us with our previous role, continues on with us we will be at 68% of our monthly support which is a much better number so we hope that might be the case! It still gives us a ways to go though so we really appreciate each and every one of our partners taking the time to talk to us and join with us in this work. We cannot do it without you. :-) Like, literally we can't go back to Thailand at all until we are fully funded.... ;-)

Hope to see so many of you soon!