Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Birth of Noah Elliot

After Colby and Hailey's birth I wrote up their birth stories. When you have a planned c-section, a birth story hardly feels necessary but I am going to write it up anyways so that Noah will be able to read/hear about his birth. I am sure details from the experience are already beginning to slip from my mind.

Backstory- the week before the scheduled c-section Josh picked Colby up from school one day. On their way home, he stopped for gas and to fill up the tires with air. He let Colby get out so he could teach him how to put air in the tires. When they were almost done Josh stood up from one of the tires and rammed the top of his head into a corrugated metal overhang. His head immediately started gushing tons of blood. He knew he was losing too much blood to drive himself and had forgotten his phone that day so he ran into the gas station and asked for help. Three gas station workers drove him and Colby to the nearest hospital and he got stitched up.

Because he lost so much blood he became quite anemic to the point that just being up and walking around completely drained him of all energy. It took him weeks to feel like he could be up and around like normal again. Okay back story over.

On May 6th, Josh went and picked up his parents- Mimi and Papa from the airport at night. The kids were in bed already and wouldn't see them until the next morning. Since his parents were arriving so late at night, we had scheduled the c-section to be in the afternoon instead of the morning. So that morning I went to get a blow-out. For those that don't know, a blow out is just when you go to a hair salon, have your hair washed and then dried. It's great because they do a much better job of drying your hair than I ever could and it looks really nice and straight afterwards. This was actually the first time I went to just get a blow-out. It's only $5 here in Thailand and I wanted to go into the c-section with clean nice hair since I knew I wouldn't feel up to styling my own hair for probably at least a week after the surgery. Just standing up is hard enough after a cesarean.

Anyways I headed to Meechok Plaza but the salon wasn't opening until 10:00 and that would be way too late so I walked around and found another small hole in the wall hair salon. I asked if they could do a blowout and they said yes. They did not have the A/C on, it was 95 degrees and I was 9 months pregnant. Apparently I really wanted that blowout. Thankfull after I sat down they did turn the A/C on and it started to cool off a little bit. Even so I was sweating by the time it was over.

Then I headed home to finish packing our hospital bag and Josh and I headed for the hospital around 11:00. The c-section was scheduled for 2:00 but it's a long drive, there's no nearby parking, and we were supposed to be there two hours early. On our way there we made the final decision about naming him Noah Elliot. I had always liked the name Noah and was seeking a name that meant peace and rest. Noah means "rest and comfort" which is pretty darn close. We liked the name Elliot because the famous Jim Elliot was an inspiration to us when we were in college and trying to decide on God's calling. We want our son to be willing to follow God's call wherever it may take him. Noah Elliot it was.

Because Josh was feeling weak and we had my hospital bag we decided to take a song-taew (back of a truck taxi) from the parking garage to the hospital. It was 40 baht ($1.25) for us to both take the taxi to the hospital. We got checked in, filled out papers, and got an IV started. Josh signed a form which allowed him to be present in the operating room during the c-section. In order to gain permission we had to write a letter to the director of the hospital expressing our desire and threatening to switch hospitals if he wasn't allowed. They conceded and even told Josh on the phone that they would be happy to have him in the room again for Baby #4. 555! (hahaha).

Finally around 1:30 they took me to prepare me for surgery. I was terrified about the spinal block they were going to do. The time before I had been unconscious and didn't know what it felt like. It ended up being not so bad at all. I hardly felt the needle, but I did feel like a warmth rolled through my entire body as I went numb. Then I suddenly felt extremely sick like I was going to puke except I couldn't move anything except my head and arms. I kept trying to tell the anesthesiologist how sick I felt but felt like I couldn't talk very loud and was afraid he didn't understand me. I think I was actually having a slight panic attack. When I said "I think I'm going to puke" and that I was having trouble breathing they started to take me seriously and put something magical into my I.V. which made me feel very calm and happy. Some sort of sedative I suppose. After that it was smooth sailing. Josh came in and was allowed to sit by my head. I didn't feel any pain and at 2:15 p.m. Noah was pulled out. The doctor and nurse looked him over for just about two minutes before they wrapped him up, brought him over to me and let me give him a kiss and then they handed him to Josh and let him carry him out to the nursery while the surgery finished. It did seem to take a LONG time for them to finish and the 2 hours they made me lay in the recovery room with absolutely nothing to do but stare at the ceiling and test out my toes was a bit torturous.

Finally they wheeled me to the elevator and up to my room where Josh was waiting. He gave me the details on Noah's stats and they soon brought him to me. Eight pounds five ounces, 20.75 inches. He was doing great and nursed like a champ.

We spent 3 nights in the hospital and then were more than ready to get home.

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