Thursday, August 13, 2015

Keepin it Real- Life With Three

So just in case anyone thinks life with three kids in Thailand is just easy peasy for us, I would like to say it's not. But I'm still trying to figure out what "normal" is with three. Since we added Noah, Josh had a bad head injury which left him severely anemic for the first month, then he had a month of being relatively healthy before he got a concussion from jumping on a trampoline with the kids. That was over a month ago. He has had to take some medical leave from work because concussion recovery takes a long time and using your brain doesn't really help. So two out of three of Noah's first months, Josh has had a fairly major health issue that has slowed him down. Honestly I am ready to have my husband back.....or really just his brain since the rest of him didn't go anywhere. But the brain is pretty important.

Colby is back in school which is awesome. He is a very high maintenance kid at home partially on account of some sensory integration problems that he has, but does wonderfully at preschool because he is so social. He also loves the structure and diversity that I can't provide him here with a baby and toddler around. He also does occupational therapy twice each week to help him overcome some of his sensory integration and motor skills obstacles. He is a really smart kid, but a bit demanding and hard to keep up with. It's actually quite, embarrassing to play the Memory game with him as he is SOOOO much better at it than I am.

Hailey is definitely going through the "terrible twos". She can tantrum with the best of them and her favorite things to do when she is feely rambunctious is to take all the baskets of toys and books and knock them off their shelf and dump them all over her room. Then she climbs up the wooden toy shelf to sit on the top tier- it's both dangerous and naughty! She also loves climbing other shelves, cabinets, onto the kitchen countertops, and basically whatever she can. She does not seem to have ANY fear of heights.

Noah is.....Noah. He is our chill boy. He will occasionally fuss if he is tired or hungry but he's pretty easy to soothe and so stinkin' cute! He is the kind of baby who makes you want to have 5 more.

And then there's me. Many days I feel like I'm totally failing at doing this motherhood thing well. My kids are fed, but never as healthily as I intend. They're dressed sometimes....usually in mismatched backwards clothes since they often dress themselves since I tend to be holding a baby or trying to put food on the table. I myself feel like I look like a mess too. My hair is air-dried every day and often not washed. Some people have hair that looks nice air-dried, but mine does weird wavy things. Seriously though, who has time to blow dry (or shower?!) with 3 kids!? None of my clothes fit right. I stopped wearing maternity clothes because that seemed silly but all my shorts are tight....your hips do expand when you're pregnant, but I believe I also have some "too much Chic-fil-A on furlough" fat hanging around additionally. I'm determined to exercise but there is no time, and in the rare moments that there technically is time, there's no energy left. I know that having three kids is not a new thing. I have numerous friends with three kids or more! They might just be better at the whole mom thing than me though.

I am studying Thai twice a week now and feel like little bits of it might actually be sticking in my brain. But I still have a LONG way to go before I feel like I will be truly conversational in Thai.

So yeah that's life with three in a nutshell. I'm a hot mess. For anyone else who didn't really know what that means, I googled it and a hot mess is "a person or thing that is spectacularly unsuccessful or disordered." Sounds like the perfect way to describe how I feel lately.

And yes this post has nothing to do with our work over here. Josh is supposed to be writing that update currently, so hopefully I'll have more to share about that soon too. :-)

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Here's a few more from my camera lately.