Friday, December 30, 2016

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Thursday, October 6, 2016

October Concussion Update

It has been awhile since I posted about Josh's Post Concussion Syndrome. I actually have written numerous updates about it and then decided not to share because they always come off sounding like I'm complaining.

So this is my attempt to write about how Josh is doing, without negativity.

Josh is doing okay. His days aren't miserable like they once were, although there are still hard/painful moments throughout most of  his days. Lots of good moments too. Walking to a nearby park with the kids, playing legos with Colby, sharing a naptime with Hailey, and making Noah giggle tons to name a few.

He had a regression in July. He went from walking about 6,400 steps per day (according to Fitbit) to less than 2,000 each day. My trip to Thailand was really stressful for his brain (for mine too!). Also he had a couple on the stairs and one where he walked into a chandelier.

He is still doing neurofeedback, cranio-sacral therapy and some of his vision therapy in addition to seeing a chiropractor/homepathic doctor. We have been unimpressed with the neurology department at Barnes Jewish in St. Louis...

Next week he goes back to Peoria to hopefully get a new action plan from his vision therapy doctor as we think the old plan isn't right for him anymore.

The week after that Josh and I will fly to Pittsburgh (kids will stay with Mimi) for one day and two nights where he will see 4 doctors who specialize in treating concussion. This clinic sees 17,000 concussions a year and we are very hopeful that they might have some new insight for us particularly the vestibular therapy doctor as we have yet to see one. Dr. Micky Collins is one of the leading experts in concussion and he will be the primary doctor assessing Josh.

There is still a lot of hope that Josh could make a full or nearly full recovery, but it still feels like a distant dream at the moment.

We have so much to be thankful for. Our trip to Pittsburgh has been covered in full by ministry partners who specifically wanted to help with this need. Even part of the likely follow-up trip is already covered as well.

We are so thankful for everyone who has helped us. Josh's parents and my parents have done the most but even people from church who are voluntarily mowing our lawn for us every week. When we moved into our own place, I envisioned myself having to push mow the lawn with Noah in the ergo on my back. Or having to hire a babysitter to come over while I mow (babysitters are cheaper than lawn-mowing services!) But I haven't had to do either of those things! It's neat to see God provide even these small things despite the fact that I did not directly make the need known to anyone.

The place all 3 kids are going to school has also been very generous through tuition assistance programs which is what's made it possible for me to work. There is a ton to be thankful for and a lot to feel hopeful about.

Thanks for continuing to root for us.


P.S. This weekend we'll be in Princeville where the kids will be helping my dad harvest and driving this truck around. We're excited.